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Parsun Lineup at Super Retail Groups Queensland Conference

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Parsun helps in Christchurch flooding, June 2014
The Christchurch Emergency Response unit uses a Parsun T30 on its rescue boat. They are very happy with their Parsun as it is easy to start and performs extremely well.  It is not complicated to use which is an advantage for them as they have a lot of different people using this boat and outboard.

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Parsun T90

Article by Pacific Power Boat May 2014

If you are looking for a seriously competitively priced 90hp engine then the Parsun T90 is for you. A basic carbureted 2-stroke, the Parsun T90 has a retail of around 60% less than the most expensive direct injection 2-stroke and at $7995 is over $2500 less than the nearest carburetted 2-stroke equivalent.

Manufactured in China, by one of the world’s fastest growing outboard companies, the Parsun 90 is the largest engine in the Parsun 2-stroke range , which starts at 2hp. The 90hp offers excellent power to weight ration, being the lightest of all the engines tested at 115kgs and shares the same basic 1140cc 3 cylinder block of the Yamaha 90A. Most engine parts are also interchangeable between the two engines.

The engine runs a CDI ignition system, thermostat controlled water cooling system and has a vibration reduction system for smooth performance.


Read what the Aussie's think of Parsun

Review by Fisherman and Boatowner 2/2009

"Introducing what is bound to be one of the most controversial and widely read tests well publish this year, the first official test of the brand new Parsun 15HP 2-stroke outboard from China. What makes this outboard so special as well, is the size and scope of the manufacturing company behind it - this is a fair dinkum challenge from a very large multi-national Chinese company, and Parsun has every reason to be extremely optimistic about the future.

They're made in China by one of the largest generator manufacturers in the world, in an extremely modern and efficient plant, and in a matter of months they have moved from the back of the pack to the middle, with a range of outboards targeting the biggest selling and most popular sizes.
If this is the way of the future, all we can say is bring 'em on ! There's a big future for these engines in Australia."

Testimonials / Case Studies

Absolutely no problems whatsoever with my engine, it is a fantastic machine. It is a 5hp 4stroke even though it performs more like a 8hp. I bought from a friend over here in Ireland who lost the user manual. I had some difficulty locating a downloadable copy on the web. However I did manage to contact Robyn of Hurricane Products New Zealand who gave me fantastic help and support and are an absolute credit to the Parsun Brand name.
This degree of customer support gives me 100% confidence to stick with Parsun outboards for all my future needs.

- Kieron Riordan