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Centreboard Committee, KeriKeri Cruising Club

On behalf of the coaches on Lake Manuwai, we are so pleased with our new Parsun 9.8 outboard.

It is so easy to start, economical, runs for long periods at low speeds and is quiet. Ideal for our safety ribs while instructing learner sailors.

Thank you, will definitely use again when replacing our other outboards.

- Centreboard Committee, Kerikeri Cruising Club

Hunger Family

Our 4m boat has a 90hp Parsun on for this summer.  Have only used a few times so far but can see this powerful motor being well used. Fantastic pricing with 3 year warranty will definitely be buying another Parsun for our kids small inflatable.

- Hunger Family


We put a Parsun 40hp on our inflatable and gets up planing easy. Have had no problems at all with this motor so very cost effective.

- Kaitlin

David & Terry Spitz

We have a 3.6hp and 8hp Parsun outboards.  We have had no problem with these motors and would recommend them to anyone.

- David & Terry Spitz


My Parsun goes fantastic on my 10' Parker.  The service I have received has been fantastic.

- Kevin


Perfect Support Jeff,
Great to have you at the end of the phone when we needed you.
Kind regards,

- Digby

Kieron Riordan

Absolutely no problems whatsoever with my engine, it is a fantastic machine. It is a 5hp 4stroke even though it performs more like a 8hp. I bought from a friend over here in Ireland who lost the user manual. I had some difficulty locating a downloadable copy on the web. However I did manage to contact Robyn of Hurricane Products New Zealand who gave me fantastic help and support and are an absolute credit to the Parsun Brand name.
This degree of customer support gives me 100% confidence to stick with Parsun outboards for all my future needs.

- Kieron Riordan

Peter Massee

I am just back from Lake Waikeremona and the Parsun went very well indeed.  It starts first time and never missed a beat for at least two hours in total running.
I only have to use half throttle on the Parsun and it is very economical and really is at the right speed.

- Peter Massee

Hamish Campbell

As a Naki guy I give my motor a very hard time in high surf and it exceeds my expectations.  I purchased my motor 12 months ago and would purchase without hesitation again.  I took a friend, who is an X IRB racer, out on my boat with my T40BMS and his comment, "mate, these motors perform brilliantly!"

- Hamish Campbell

Peter Quinn

May I take this opportunity to say how good the  Parsun outboard engines are in Quality and in their pricing . I have found that Geoff at Dinghys & outboards at 355 Lincoln Rd, Christchurch goes  way beyond any other marine retailer that I have come across in all my years of boating.

- Peter Quinn

Peter Massee

As a quality auditor I am fully aware of quality issues that can occur for no apparent reason.  The measure is how the organisation handles the customer that counts.  So far I am impressed with all that I have dealt with concerning my issue and shows that Customer Service is still alive and kicking.

- Peter Massee

Hayden Braddock

Hi there I have a parsun 15hp (t15b) and I love it its a better motor than my 15hp Mercury. It is easier on the gas, goes quicker and is also quieter than my Mercury.

- Hayden Braddock

Rayner Wallen

"The real star is the 3.6 hp why? - because it weighs only 11kg. I have had many small engines and as soon as you go to 15kg they become very difficult to handle out in the water as your dropping it on to the dinghy lifting it here and there and when combined with a dinghy 25kg is maximum for easy handing. Up to now that has meant i could only go displacement speed about 5kmh because weight limitations meant i could only get motors that were light but didn’t have enough power to get on the plane. The Parsun 3.6 will get the dinghy on plane and have clocked it at 18kmh and I’m a big fella at 110kg. Ive never been able to do that with any of the many small engines I’ve had." Rayner Wallen

- Rayner Wallen

Allan trow

"Am so impressed with my Parsun outboard, I have a F60FEL-T-EFI on my 4.2Mac and am very happy with the performance of the outboard, it gets up on the plain easily with 4 arge guys in"

Allan Trow from Paeroa

- Allan trow

Testimonials / Case Studies

My Parsun goes fantastic on my 10' Parker.  The service I have received has been fantastic.

- Kevin